Journey Mercies - An Original Musical

Journey Mercies is another original musical written and staged to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian church. The church has a history of sell-out original musicals such as Love Above All, a musical based on the lives of missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, first staged in 2003 and restaged in 2007. Journey Mercies revolves around the lives of a group of characters at a coffeeshop at Block 220. Be prepared for an unpredictable storyline and original songs that will keep you glued to your seats!


1) Is it a true story?
No, but the character of Uncle Leong was inspired by the life of Robert Ong, who founded Mt Carmel BP Church. He started a Sunday School in his flat for the neighbourhood children at Block 220B in Redhill Close. That group of children became the founding members of Mt Carmel BP Church.

2) What was the inspiration behind the story?
The creative team wanted a story that is fitting for the occasion of Mt Carmel’s Jubilee. We wanted to pay homage to the founder of our church, our original musical history and at the same time, present a story that addresses issues people wrestle with in contemporary life.

3) What is the message of the musical?
The musical touches on the perennial issues of status and personal identity. In what or whom do I find meaning and security? How much do money, a good career and a material lifestyle matter? And what if even the people closest to me – my family and best friends – object to my ideals or even betray my trust? The characters are forced to confront these issues in their journey towards spiritual understanding and maturity.

4) Are the songs original?
Yes, all the songs have been written by members of the church.